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Wet Cement helps companies and their people achieve their potential across leadership, communications, sales and Gender Equality. ; ; Our Advance Women at Work practice focuses on speaking, training and consulting to design and deploy insights-driven leadership programs to help employees achieve their potential. We advance Gender Equality by creating collaborative cultures—by developing ‘Modern Male Leaders’ through our 'Men as Allies” programs, and empowering women to become confident, courageous and purpose-driven leaders who are comfortable advocating for themselves, their teams and their business.; ; Our Presentation and Public Speaking training and coaching programs builds confident and assertive communicators, through both 1:1 individual and Group work. We focus on developing Executive Presence, modern presentations, storytelling and strong verbal/non-verbal communications to drive sales/business development, Thought Leadership and organizational effectiveness.

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Jennifer Willey
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18 Yardley Manor Drive, Matawan


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