Group of women sitting at a business meeting

One Page Business Growth and Profit Plan


WBEs create a roadmap for growth and profit. The program starts with foundations – from vision and purpose to understanding financial statements. WBEs will explore the importance of learning to read and interpret their business financial statements, the importance of using a budget and sales forecast in planning, and using this information to create a one-page business plan.

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  • WBEs create a 1-page business plan that is user-friendly, strategic, and tactical.
  • Examine what’s working in the business and what’s not to help WBE grow.
  • Identify challenges and opportunities that are holding the business back and set goals and priorities to get unstuck.
  • Starting with vision, learn to set meaningful and measurable goals and objectives linked with strategies and action plans.
  • Business improvement assessment and set of diagnostic questions to help the business owner set realistic goals for growth, cash flow, and profit.

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Group of women sitting at a business meeting


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