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WBEC Greater DMV is a dynamic community of over 900 certified women-owned businesses, building on their success through mutually beneficial partnerships with Fortune 1000 corporations and other WBEs.

Furthering the success of women-owned businesses is our primary mission. We provide WBENC certification—the gold standard in diversity certification—at the regional level, and serve as an advocate for certified women-owned businesses in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia offering them tools, resources, information, educational programs, matchmaking, meet & greet and networking opportunities and recognition.

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WBEC Greater DMV

  • Washington, D.C.
  • Maryland
  • Virginia

WBEC Metro NY and Greater DMV is a local network with national access. All WBENC certified businesses have access to programming, corporate, and business opportunities offered by all 14 Regional Partner Organizations.

Our position within a high-profile national organization gives us a platform for generating awareness of certified WBEs and paving the way to real business opportunities. At the same time, having local offices in New York and Washington, D.C. allows us to work with WBEs directly and help them reach their goals through a range of regionally based events and programs.

Savannah Mitchell headshot

"I applied to the Sage Program to maximize my learning opportunities to align my company with Fortune 500 companies. I learned significant business strategies that had previously eluded me, just by being unaware. Specifically, the science behind understanding what makes for sound operations, smart funding, time management, and building a solid team.
I overcame challenges of gaining access to several major retail brands to introduce my coffee. As a result of the connections in the Sage program, I was able to be directly introduced and meet with significant brands I had previously been unsuccessfully targeting."

Savannah Mitchell

Business Owner, Sunday Morning Roast - Severna Park, Maryland
Modupe Asekun headshot

"The SAGE Program has been ideal for us in a time like this where things are changing so fast. Creating a Budget has given me a better insight to understanding the essence of growing the business. The program offered me the ability to network with other small businesses and to understand that indeed with all the challenges, WE ARE NOT ALONE. Others who join the program in the future will be granted the same opportunity, to think about new ways of improving their businesses."

Modupe Asekun

Principal Owner at Shabach Services, LLC - Baltimore City County, MD
Lauren LeMunyan_Spitfire

"SAGE is awesome for WBEs looking to evaluate all aspects of their business and tie up the loose ends they’ve been avoiding and ignoring in finance, marketing, operations, social media and HR. It is also a great way to build lasting bonds and break out of the isolation that business ownership can create."

Lauren LeMunyan

Founder & CEO, Spitfire Coach
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"Today, our company has received the WBEC DMV Star Award, the Done Deals Award, and we are honored to be partnering with WBEC DMV and several companies to provide capability uplift in sustainability.

If you are hesitating to invest in certification, I encourage to think again. It’s one of the most valuable decisions I’ve made as a business owner."

Mary Fehlig

Founder and President, The Fehlig Group
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