Group of women speaking onstage at 2022 WBENC National Conference
Group of women speaking onstage at 2022 WBENC National Conference

Our Programs

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WBEC Metro NY and Greater DMV offers a wide range of events and programs to our certified WBEs, Corporate Members, and network, providing ideal opportunities to receive timely Content, build Community and make valuable Connections.

We understand that having access to accurate, factual content is critical to business survival and success. Content is only effective when the community uses and shares it. Our community encourages and enables women to lean on and lift each other. Because we know – when women do well, everything in the local community does well. Expanding our network means establishing and fostering new connections with partners to amplify the value of working with women-owned businesses.

Leadership Development Programs

We offer Leadership Development programs to support the reclamation and future growth of the women owned businesses in the WBEC Metro NY and Greater DMV network. Some curriculums have the capacity to be delivered as a single program, but most are offered and designed to support business owners through multiple classes. (Program content is delivered virtually.) These extended curriculums also include online tools, peer-to-peer engagement, and coaching/mentorship support opportunities throughout the program and possibly beyond.

Sustainability Accelerator

Sustainability is a major focus for corporate partners. 92% of the S&P 500 companies published a sustainability report in 2020.

Join WBEC Metro NY and Greater DMV for a comprehensive program to understand what sustainability really means, what the value of sustainability is – particularly for Corporate Partners – and what you need to do to be a responsible supplier by incorporating sustainability into your business practice.

SAGE Advice

SAGE Advice is a collaborative partnership between Capital One and WBEC Greater DMV and Metro NY, established to develop and enable small business owners to grow through customized sessions delivered by successful women business owners and Capital One associates.

The developmental program will be carried out over 6 virtual sessions throughout the first half of 2022. 


Are you in business for yourself but tired of working by yourself? Challenging to get new business? Is it frustrating for you to invest so much and get so little? Do you need more discipline and accountability? Would it be helpful to have a network, a mastermind, or a mentor?

If yes, join Amplify Mastermind Program (AMP) to connect, build, leverage, and grow.


Women Business owners will be guided to breakthrough their current obstacles to grow, capitalize on new revenue opportunities and receive guidance on the path to build a team-managed company using Allison’s SCALEit Method®.

WBEs will develop a customized Marketing Plan to drive in consistent leads, and a sales system to convert those leads into customers.

One Page Business Plan

WBEs create a roadmap for growth and profit. The program starts with foundations – from vision and purpose to understanding financial statements. WBEs will explore the importance of learning to read and interpret their business financial statements, the importance of using a budget and sales forecast in planning, and using this information to create a one-page business plan.

Speakers' Bureau

No one knows more about Women-Owned Businesses than Women Business Owners themselves. Through the Speakers’ Bureau, business leaders will have the opportunity to give back to fellow WBEs, share wisdom, experience, and knowledge, and get more involved in the Metro New York and Greater DMV Community. 

Interested in speaking at one of our events? WBEC Metro NY & Greater DMV accept speaker applications on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Signature Programs

Our signature programs are an opportunity for the WBEC Metro NY and Greater DMV community to come together to share best practices, find solutions for challenges and celebrate each other’s success, the impact on the local community, and network with each other.

Annual Awards Breakfast

Celebrates WBEs, Corporate Members, and Advocates. This program includes the presentation of awards to the best of the best in categories such as Outstanding Corporation, WBEC Metro NY and Greater DMV WBE Stars, Women’s Business Advocates, and President’s Awards.

Breakthrough Breakfasts

Celebrates the access that the WBEC Metro NY and Greater DMV has created for WBEs to private and public-sector contracts. Each program includes Peer to Peer advisement and Best Practice sharing, Matchmaker Appointments, Done Deals™ Awards, and a procurement fair with Corporate Members.

Corporate Roundtables

Facilitated Corporate Member-only interactive platform. An opportunity to discuss best practices and provide feedback advisement, upgrades, and/or innovative approaches on the support needed to maximize WBE success and Corporate Member engagement.

Celebrating Our Partners and Access Receptions

Opportunity for WBEs to network with each other and Corporate Members. Spotlights and recognizes WBEC Metro NY and Greater DMV Corporate Members’ Supplier Diversity Teams.

Lunch with the Experts

Invites Corporate Members or subject matter experts to give an interactive presentation at an online program for WBEs. Delivered over lunchtime, allows WBEs to step away from regular business to gain insight about corporate involvement, their supplier diversity programs, and how to navigate their sourcing/procurement processes or receive just-in-time learning in a specific area, without intruding on their workday.