Made Manifest LLC

Made Manifest LLC

Made Manifest is an instructional technology consulting firm that specializes in serving school districts, colleges, and educational institutions. Operating within the tri-state area and New York City, we are proud to offer tailored workshops designed for school leaders and educators.

As a recognized Microsoft Global Training Partner, our expertise lies in facilitating real-time translation within the classroom. With the increasing number of multi-language learners entering U.S. schools, we focus on bridging communication gaps and enhancing the educational experience for these students.

Our flagship initiative is the Translation Tools pilot program, a unique offering that leverages technology to foster improved communication between teachers and students who speak languages other than English. This program provides crucial support for English language learners, helping them thrive in the educational environment.

For personalized workshop details and insights into our Translation Tools pilot program, please reach out to our founder, Dana Unger.

Made Manifest is committed to empowering educators and institutions to better serve diverse student populations through innovative technology solutions. We are proud to be a women-owned business, dedicated to making a positive impact in education.

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Made Manifest LLC
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