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In Our Network, We Have Pride

We’re fostering an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem

Earlier this month we sent out an invitation for our members to get involved in our Pride Month outreach, to ensure we’re doing our part to foster an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem and elevate voices that have historically been marginalized. When 400 anti- LGBTQ2SIA+ bills have been introduced in states across the country, inviting our members to share how they run an inclusive business is our collective way of ensuring our values are evident in the face of challenge.

We received a number of responses to our invitation, and one stuck out among the rest: nine puking emojis.

Nine puke emojis

It's a shocking response to our outreach, and it doesn't belong in our network. To be clear: our network is proactively fostering inclusivity, and not just because it is kind.

Research shows that business outcomes, when influenced by LGBTQ2SIA+ supportive policies, lead to higher productivity and lower costs for employers (Source: Williams Institute at UCLA). The estimated purchasing power of the global LGBTQ2SIA+ population was over $3.7 trillion in 2019 (Source: LGBT Capital). Further: 80% of highly qualified LGBTQ2SIA+ professionals prefer to work for companies that have supportive LGBT policies and practices (Source: Center for Talent Innovation).

Premise Martin understands this. That’s why, when we asked this serial inventor and entrepreneur how her company was working to ensure inclusivity, she told us about a new line of nail lacquer designed for the LGBTQ2SIA+ community and men, that she is launching this Pride month. Premise says that she had an opportunity to pay extra attention to the sales of her beauty and wellness brands during the peak of Covid lockdowns. She noticed at that time that she was missing a massively underserved market: nail lacquer catered to the LGBTQ2SIA+ community and men. To address that gap, Premise created her new line: H.I.S., which stands for “His Ingredient System.” It is the first vegan nail lacquer designed for members of the LGBTQ2SIA+ community and men. It’s this kind of innovative thinking that propels the economy by driving growth, productivity, job creation, and competitiveness.

Nancy Geenan and Betsy Cerulo also understand the benefits of cultivating a diverse and supportive environment for their employees. As serial entrepreneurs and CEOs of Flexability and AdNet, respectively, they are proactive in building an LGBTQ2SIA+-friendly workforce—and in lending their voice and insight to other companies seeking to ensure they are inclusive.

Watch five ways you can foster an inclusive workplace culture this month and every month:

Being an advocate for women-owned businesses means supporting all types of women in their entrepreneurial ventures. Our network wouldn’t be successful if we didn’t band together to support one another—especially in the face of a challenge. To honor and elevate our Pride, meet a special selection of seven of our network’s LGBTQ2SIA+ women business owners and their companies:

Sacred Walker headshot

Sacred Walker

CEO of Kuumba Health LLC
  • Sacred Walker

  • Kuumba Health

  • Sacred Walker

Kaitlyn Barclay headshot

Kaitlyn Barclay

CEO of Scout Lab
  • Kaitlyn Barclay

  • Scout Lab

  • ScoutLab

Shannon Cochran-Yzquierdo headshot

Shannon Cochran-Yzquierdo

CEO of Coaching Courage, LLC
  • Shannon Cochran-Yzquierdo

  • Coaching Courage

  • Coaching Courage

Betsy Cerulo headshot

Betsy Cerulo

CEO AdNet/AccountNet, Inc.
  • Betsy Cerulo

  • AdNet

  • AdNet

Kerryann Cook headshot

Kerryann Cook

The Cook Group, PLLC Managing Partner
  • Kerryann Cook

  • The Cook Group PLLC

  • The Cook Group PLLC

Mo Barrett headshot

Mo Barrett

  • Mo Barrett

  • Mo Barrett

Nancy Geenen headshot

Nancy Geenen

CEO of Flexability
  • Nancy Geenen

  • Flexability