08/20/15: Tips for Recertification

It’s that time of year for recertification. As you know, certification is renewable annually. To avoid any lapses, you must re-apply at least 90 days before your expiration date. Whether it’s your first or your fifteenth, when you receive the 90-day notice it can be challenging to assemble the required documents and retrieve requisite items from the “Missing Document List.”

To help streamline this process WPEO has developed a helpful Recertification Application Checklist to compile documents required for this year’s recertification.

Recertification Steps:

  1. Print and follow the Recertification Application Checklist as you compile all of your supporting documents required for recertification
    • Be sure to check “not applicable” or “included” in each row
    • Include the sworn affidavit (Requirement #2) signed and notarized by company owner
    • Include the WBENC User Agreement 3.7 (Requirement #3) signed by company owner
  2. Log in to your WBENCLink profile, fill each page, and press “save & submit”
  3. Print and include your WBE Application Summary View in your application (Requirement #1)
  4. Send the supporting documents to the WPEO office with the completed checklist via certified mail with tracking


  • Give a “Not-Applicable” statement for required documents that do not apply to your company
  • Make $400 processing fee check payable to: WPEO
  • If you would also like to apply for the Women Owned Small Business (WOSB) program, please read What is WOSB? for more information.

Please be sure to include the completed checklist tool in your application package. This will help WPEO streamline the intake process and make sure your application is reviewed in the timeliest manner.

If you would like more detail on the recertification requirements, please refer to the following link: WBENC’s Recertification Process

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