09/14/15: The Site Visit - What to Expect and How to Prepare

Why do I need a site visit?
Even if you were previously certified site visits are required for all new certification applications. The site visit allows WPEO to get to know your company, verify the information submitted in the application and ensure that the company is in compliance with WBENC Standards & Procedures

Do I need a site visit if I am applying for recertification?
If you are applying for recertification, a site visit may also be required. This allows WPEO to make sure that nothing has changed, or if changes have been made, to verify that the company is still certifiable. Site visits for recertifications occur every three years, or upon request by the Certification Review Committee.

Where does the site visit take place?
The site visit takes place at the applicant company’s headquarters, or the location where the primary day-to-day and managerial operations of the company take place. Site visits cannot be held via conference or video call.

When will the site visit happen?
After the initial Committee Review is complete, the applicant company will receive an automatic notification email from wbenclink@cvmsolutions.com with a status update. A WPEO staff member or Certification Committee Member will contact the owner within 15 business days of this email to schedule the site visit. However, the site visit itself may not take place until later—depending on the availability of the female owner(s) and the site visitor. Site visits cannot be scheduled until after the Committee Review is completed.

**If you know that you will be out of town within 90 days of the submission of your completed application, please let WPEO staff know as soon as possible so that the site visit can be scheduled accordingly.

Who should attend the site visit?
The majority 51% female ownership must be represented in person at the site visit—even if one or more of the female owners are not involved in the day-to-day business. We are unable to call or video conference in any of the owners. Female officers or directors may also attend; however, any male owners, officers, directors, or key management are not permitted to attend the site visit.

Who can I expect for the site visit?
Site visits are conducted by WPEO staff or Certification Committee Members. Committee Members include WBEs, Corporate Member representatives, and community advocates. All Committee Members have signed a non-disclosure agreement.
Please let the WPEO staff member or Certification Committee Member who will be conducting your site visit know if any of the following are true:
• The company headquarters are a home office.
• There is construction nearby or road closures that may impact driving.
• There is limited or street parking.
• There is heightened security at your location.
• Your office is unmarked or difficult to find.
• There are dogs or cats in your office.
• There are any other special instructions or directions.

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