Family Heritage Propels Entrepreneur’s Success

Mirtes Lobaito’s company AGM Tech Solutions is poised for rapid growth

At 21, Mirtes Lobaito moved to the United States not knowing yet what her American Dream was going to be, but she knew that she would have one. She knew because her family had instilled in her the values of entrepreneurialism, service and grit, and that she had the experience to be able to make it. 

Mirtes’ family had built several successful retail businesses, in her native country Brazil. As early as the age of 8, she said she had  “seen them do it all and watched them persevere through hardships.” Mirtes describes that her family had “built businesses from zero, went bankrupt three times, and then built everything up again.”

Mirtes Lobaito, founder of AGM Tech Solutions.

When she was 17, Mirtes’ father suffered from a health issue that derailed his plans to continue running the family’s businesses, and Mirtes immediately stepped in taking over many responsibilities. “Failure was not an option for my family. It instilled in me that you don’t give up or quit when it gets hard, you have to keep going. It certainly shaped me into who I am today,” she says.

Mirtes applied the entrepreneurial spirit where she did not at first expect: staffing. “You don’t go to school and think you’ll be in staffing,” she says. But after Mirtes spent a few years in corporate sales, she began to see staffing as an opportunity to extend her experience in the service business which her family began in Brazil. “I’ve always understood customers and their needs, and staffing was just a different domain for that interest.”  

Mirtes founded AGM Tech Solutions in 2018 and has since grown the firm into one of the fastest growing independently owned IT Staffing companies on the East Coast. AGM Tech Solutions was recently recognized as one of the fastest growing US Companies by #INC5000 ranked #38.

“We’re servicing Fortune 500 companies to understand and solve their Business and Technology problems through talent acquisition. I love partnering and being a trusted advisor to our clients. What we’re doing day in and day out on the client side and on the candidate side truly impact lives,” Mirtes says. She revels in the small things, such as being able to tell a candidate that they’ve gotten the job, she says: “It changes their whole trajectory.”

Mirtes Lobaito with the AGM Tech Solutions team.

Mirtes’ passion to provide exceptional service through the art of staffing is matched by her ability to grow the company: she saw a need in the market, started out as its sole employee, and has since grown the company to achieve $35M in yearly revenue over the course of four years. 

By understanding IT staffing and how big corporations work, Mirtes says AGM is successful because they are well-positioned, able to align their strengths to match the contingent needs for several fortune 500 companies and mid market companies. By connecting the highest caliber IT professionals with clients nationwide, AGM has experienced rapid growth and is designed to sustain it into the future. 

Mirtes credits her team: “When you surround yourself with great people, magic happens,” and she credits the people who have taken a chance on her. “Corporations being open and willing to give women-owned businesses a chance is key to the growth and fueling the economy.” 

Hispanic Heritage Month provides us an opportunity to learn and share about our Hispanic Women’s Business Enterprises (WBEs). WBEC Metro NY and Greater DMV is proud to work with over 100 in the region, and we are proud to celebrate and recognize Hispanic WBEs all throughout the year.

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