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Done Deals™

Done Deal™ Successes

  • Forward Movement Enterprises and Diverse & Engaged

    Diverse and Engaged hired us (Forward Movement Enterprises) to provide Executive Coaching and Mastermind facilitation for the Amplify program hosted by WBEC. We also provided support during the WBENC Conference by meeting with corporations on behalf of Diverse and Engaged to share capabilities and inspire profitable partnership opportunities.

  • The Creter Group and Reach

    Creter Group has worked with REACH for the last three years. Both are woman-owned companies. REACH had an opportunity to partner with another WBENC Corporate supporter, Nissan North America. REACH and Creter Group worked to bid on the business, won the work, and then quickly worked together to pivot the entire learning and event experience to virtual for our new client partner. We continue to work together to provide the best possible solutions for our clients and it is a privilege to work with another Woman-owned company!

  • TorchLight Hire LLC and AARP

    As one of TorchLight’s first and longest-running business relationships, we have enjoyed supporting multiple teams in marketing, communications, and creative throughout numerous lines of business, including AARP, AARP Services and the AARP Foundation. We are not only a vendor providing marketing services support, but a partner who supports the national and international advocacy efforts espousing the benefits of a multi-generational workforce. We have participated in direct service to members through the AARP Foundation and AARP’s workforce programs conducting career webinars for hundreds of 50+ job seekers.

  • Waterfront Proforma and Johnson & Johnson

    We became a WEBNC Certified Business to work closely with many divisions of J&J. We have worked across 5 different lines of business in the last 2 years and have grown from $0 to over $ 500K and it is still increasing! Each job has a PO and Waterfront is a recognized WEBNC Approved Vendor in the J&J System. We have hired 2 new employees as a result of this business and plan on adding more!

  • Susan Michel and Unity Printing

    Susan Michel reports 3 Done Deal™(s) with Unity Printing. We used the services of Unity Printing for three printing projects for our company. They did a fantastic job!

  • TorchLight HIre and Freddie Mac

    Stephanie Ranno, on behalf of TorchLight HIre, reports 5 Done Deal™(s) with Freddie Mac . While the last 12 months have been devastating for numerous industries, staffing businesses like TorchLight and financial services firms like Freddie Mac were challenged to keep their businesses running and people safe, supported, and engaged.

    From day one of the lock-down, Freddie Mac was a partner that was focused on transparent communications, the physical and mental health of their employees, and contractors, and the continuity of business for both its direct customers and its vendor partners like TorchLight. Additionally, Freddie Mac understood that a small, women-owned business like TorchLight may be taking on additional hardship at a time like this, and accordingly shortened payment terms so that we could be in a better cash-flow position – a decision that really matters to diverse vendors.

    At a time where many clients were ending assignments, canceling searches, and pausing on hiring, some of TorchLight’s enterprise clients like Freddie Mac continued to provide areas to do business. We were able to quicky and efficiently move our contract team members to remote work, and even had one of our contractors convert to a full-time team member with Freddie Mac – a testament to a relationship built on communications and understanding.

    One of the hallmarks of good business is good relationships – and those tested under the pressures of a pandemic, economic uncertainty, and social unrest – are the relationships that stick. TorchLight and Freddie Mac have built one of those relationships.

  • Stephanie Ranno and Sage & Alms, DBA Kanda Chocolates

    Stephanie Ranno reports 1 Done Deal™(s) with Sage & Alms, DBA Kanda Chocolates. Through all the challenges the last 12 months have brought to staffing and retail businesses, one of the true silver linings was the opportunity to connect with so many business leaders- large and small- through virtual events.

    One of my favorite events last year was the NBIC Unity Week and one of my favorite parts of the week was the Pitch Competition where I got to hear Karen Blackwell present her woman-owned, sustainably-based Kanda Chocolates enterprise.

    Fast forward a few weeks, and TorchLight was looking for a creative way to engage and reward our internal staffing team virtually because like many organizations the pandemic was preventing us from getting together in person for our annual year-end event.

    After a few LinkedIn messages and calls, Karen was preparing a custom chocolate tasting for our team and preparing to share the story of Kanda! Since that event, we’ve forged a lovely partnership and have been able to feature Karen to our greater network highlighting her success as part of TorchLight's Woman-Owned Business social campaign series.

    Even though we live and work across the country from each other – we’ve connected in real and powerful ways- and hope our Coast-to-Coast connection will continue for years to come.

  • Stephanie Ranno and Scott Circle Communications

    Stephanie Ranno reports 3 Done Deal™(s) with Scott Circle Communications. In November of 2020, the super connector – Liz Whitehead- referred Laura Gross of Scott Circle to TorchLight for possible business opportunities. Five-months and three placements later, we have forged a close partnership to help Scott Circle Communications expand and support their team with our recruiting and staffing services in communications. We love this WBE to WBE to WBE success story!

    Talk about women empowering women!

  • Stackable Sensations and CBS Corporation

    Shari Verrone, on behalf of Stackable Sensations, reports 2 Done Deal™(s) with CBS Corporation . The total value of the deal(s) was $11,283.28. A combination of unique promotional items and executive gifts.

  • Eriksen Translations Inc. and New York State Department of Health

    Jennifer Murphy, on behalf of Eriksen Translations Inc., reports 23 Done Deal™(s) with New York State Department of Health. Since March 2020, Eriksen has supported the New York State Department of Health with the translation of COVID-related communications into seven languages.

  • Vigdis Eriksen and Odgis + Co.

    Vigdis Eriksen reports 1 Done Deal™(s) with Odgis + Co. Eriksen has supported Odgis Group since 2016, providing English into French translations for holiday card text and animations.

  • Vigdis Eriksen and Magnum Group Inc.

    Vigdis Eriksen reports 3 Done Deal™(s) with Magnum Group Inc. Eriksen has supported Magnum Group since 2017, translating video content from English into Danish.

  • Vigdis Eriksen and Culhane Meadows, PLLC

    Vigdis Eriksen reports 1 Done Deal™(s) with Culhane Meadows, PLLC. In July 2019 Eriksen assisted Culhane Meadows, PLC with the translation of an agreement from English into Chinese.

  • Vigdis Eriksen and DePirro/Garrone

    Vigdis Eriksen reports 6 Done Deal™(s) with DePirro/Garrone. Eriksen has been supporting DePirro/Garrone since 2017, providing translation and typesetting of marketing and advertising materials.

  • Vigdis Eriksen and Vacca Family Law Group

    Vigdis Eriksen reports 1 Done Deal™(s) with Vacca Family Law Group. Eriksen translated a Judgment of Divorce and Settlement Agreement from English to Italian.

  • Vigdis Eriksen and Unified Field

    Vigdis Eriksen reports 1 Done Deal™(s) with Unified Field. Eriksen assisted Unified Field with the Spanish translation and captioning of 16 scripts for the Holocaust Museum Houston.

  • Eriksen Translations Inc. and Freddie Mac

    Jennifer Murphy, on behalf of Eriksen Translations Inc., reports 5 Done Deal™(s) with Freddie Mac . We provide translation, editing, and typesetting of fact sheets, guides, letters and scripts into various languages. Eriksen has worked for Freddie Mac since 2008.

  • Eriksen Translations Inc. and MetLife

    Jennifer Murphy, on behalf of Eriksen Translations Inc., reports 375 Done Deal™(s) with MetLife . Eriksen provides translation, localization, typesetting, and subtitling services for a wide variety of print and digital materials. We translate advertising and marketing collateral, website content, legal documents, HR compliance and training, along with thousands of insurance claims.

    Eriksen has worked for MetLife under a Master Services Agreement since 2005.

  • Shari Verrone and Artech Information Systems LLC

    Shari Verrone reports 25 Done Deal™(s) with Artech Information Systems LLC. A combination of unique promotional items and executive gifts.

    Please note, for the question above each deal has a different date. I entered the earliest date. All dates are within the challenge period.

  • Soft Stuff Distributors, Inc and Sodexo

    Lois Gamerman, on behalf of Soft Stuff Distributors, Inc, reports 6,188 Done Deal™(s) with Sodexo . The total value of the deal(s) was $1,973,508.13. Soft Stuff Distributors, Inc. proudly provides the best in class specialty food and beverage solutions to Sodexo.

  • Mary Fehlig and M. Davis & Sons, Inc.

    Mary Fehlig reports 1 Done Deal™(s) with M. Davis & Sons, Inc. MDavis, after completing a successful EcoVadis assessment, hired The Fehlig Group to help identify and communicate other responsible business practices. They knew this is a time to capture and communicate their exemplary practices that contribute to their being recognized as a great place to work and a sustainable company.

  • Julie Wyckoff and Hooper Williams Communications

    Julie Wyckoff reports 1 Done Deal™(s) with Hooper Williams Communications. Hooper Williams Communications provided content strategy and consulting services for a major change initiative related to the Turtle & Hughes compensation/benefits program.

  • Ola Parks and Blank2Blanded

    Ola Parks reports 1 Done Deal™(s) with Blank2Blanded. Blank2Blanded provided our team with logo embedded t-shirts.

  • Ola Parks and Impact Consulting Enterprises

    Ola Parks reports 1 Done Deal™(s) with Impact Consulting Enterprises. Impact Consulting Enterprises reached out to us with an RFP to create 3 x 90-sec videos highlighting different aspects of the NMSDC event and its purpose. The project consisted of three-part: pre-production, live-action, and post-production.

  • Ola Parks and Nukk-Freeman & Cerra

    Ola Parks reports 1 Done Deal™(s) with Nukk-Freeman & Cerra. Nukk-Freeman & Cerra helped Be Real Company by providing legal consulting and updates to contracts with our employees, independent contractors, and vendors.

  • Ola Parks and Linda A Hamilton, CPA PLLC

    Ola Parks reports 1 Done Deal™(s) with Linda A Hamilton, CPA PLLC. Linda A Hamilton, CPA PLLC has been providing financial advisory and accounting services to Be Real Company.

  • Turtle & Hughes Inc. and Colgate-Palmolive

    Blake Varbero, on behalf of Turtle & Hughes Inc., reports 1 Done Deal™(s) with Colgate-Palmolive. Colgate Palmolive - Hills Pet Nutrition and Turtle & Hughes Inc. agreed to an MRO integrated supply outsource program and subsequent formal partnership. Turtle & Hughes will be responsible for onsite inventory management and procurement of MRO materials at two Colgate Palmolive - Hills Pet Nutrition manufacturing facilities in the United States, with joint future plans to expand the MRO program to all U.S. Colgate Palmolive - Hills Pet Nutrition manufacturing facilities by the end of 2020.

  • Eriksen Translations Inc. and Con Edison

    Vigdis Eriksen, on behalf of Eriksen Translations Inc., reports 3 Done Deal™(s) with Con Edison . Eriksen provided translation of various materials from English into Spanish. We have worked for Con Edison since 2004.