Ditch the Funnel and Build Better Relationships with Consumers and Teams

Lisa Bragg, CEO & Founder of MediaFace

I don’t need to ask you if you’ve heard of the funnel before – of course you have. Called the “marketing funnel” or “sales funnel,” it’s a model for how customers interact with a business leading up to conversion to a sale. It imagines a large number of people at the funnel mouth, who either proceed on down the line to buy, or drop off at some point. Some marketers and salespeople think that analyzing those drop-off points can strengthen your sales process and convert more of those people into buyers.

In that respect, the funnel can be a helpful visualization tool. For the most part, though? It’s killing your chance to build trusted relationships with your audience, and keeping the functions of your business from working in concert with each other. Read more here.

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