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We help HR leaders and C-suite executives resolve conflict, manage people well, and build happier work cultures. ; Our custom services are designed to be highly participatory, including training on professional skills, facilitating decision-making meetings, and mediating disputes between people at work. ; Training topics include emotional intelligence, managing people well, dealing with conflict at work, communicating well, handling stress, and building resilience. ; Facilitated sessions may concentrate on building consensus; making strategic decisions; (re)defining mission, vision, and values; or creating process plans. ; In mediation, we specialize in helping co-leaders get back on the same page to improve staff morale and decision-making.; In every service, we are an independent, neutral third party, able to use fresh eyes to assist leaders and teams to move from stress, indecision, and conflict, through a process where every voice is heard, and to a new decision for how to move for

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