Bon AppeSweet Inc

Amore Congelato has taken America’s favorite dessert and sweetened it with dates making it delicious AND nutritious. Our gelato is all-natural and has 60% of your daily value of calcium and up to 16 essential vitamins and minerals to include up to 24 grams of protein, 46% DV of fiber, 50% DV of Vitamin B12, 45% DV of magnesium, 30% DV of iron, potassium, and zinc, and 15% DV of Vitamin D. ; This amounts to 36% more calcium, about 44% more fiber, 50% more Vitamin B12, 45% more magnesium, 30% more iron, potassium, and zinc than Talenti and similar percentages when compared to brands such as Halo Top and Ben & Jerry’s. We also have 3 times less cholesterol than our competitors products. In addition to increased levels of essential vitamins and minerals, our sorbets and oatmilk based gelatos are vegan.;


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