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Top Tips for Doing Business with Pfizer

Do your research. Understand Pfizer’s needs and how your organization might be able to help by doing some research on recent product launches, M&A activity, etc. The Pfizer web site ( is a great source of background information.
Know your strengths. When talking to a colleague from Pfizer, stress what your company is good at and be specific to help differentiate your company and its skills
Ensure message consistency. Sales pitch, value proposition and other content need to be consistent across your company’s representatives (e.g., CEO, Business Development, and/or Sales & Marketing) when presenting your company’s capabilities and offerings

List of Commodities that Pfizer is Currently Purchasing:

We currently purchase goods and services ranging from IT consulting to building services. Timing of these opportunities does vary based on current contracts and needs but we are currently looking into the following areas:

• Research services – Biology/Chemistry
• Management Consulting
• Financial Advisory
• Diverse Patient Recruitment
• Construction/ Architecture and Engineering
• Scientific Materials

“At Pfizer, we believe that our individual experiences and social identities help us better meet the needs of our patients and further our mission to make the world a healthier place. These combine to create a vibrant community and a supportive culture that allow our people, regardless of where they work in the world, to feel valued, involved, supported and respected. And while we celebrate the differences that create the mosaic culture of Pfizer, it is diversity of thoughts and perspectives that we value most. We believe these same principles apply to the supply base that supports our business and we are committed to building and sustaining relationships with diverse suppliers. Supplier diversity is embedded in our strategies and operations. We currently do business with more than 1,000 minority and women-owned business enterprises and spend more than $500 million with these diverse suppliers. We also actively support organizations that promote and advance business opportunities for diverse suppliers.”- Erik Meader, Senior Director of Global Procurement, Pfizer

Additional Information:

Pfizer’s Supplier Diversity program has been in existence for more than 15 years. The program has evolved over time to align with our corporate strategies and the external supply market. Today, our Supplier Diversity team is aligned to the categories of goods and services we purchase so we can focus on matching diverse suppliers to the needs within those categories. Building a culture that embraces supplier diversity as an integral strategy supporting the goals of the corporation is vital to our success.

At Pfizer, the supplier diversity and procurement teams are one in the same. We have a small group of procurement colleagues dedicated to managing the supplier diversity program, but all Procurement colleagues integrate supplier diversity into their daily sourcing activities.

We have some best practices that make this work:
• We have sponsorship for our supplier diversity program at the top of the corporation. Supplier diversity is one of the tenets of our corporate Diversity Initiative, which is led by a Diversity Council chaired by our Chief Medical Officer, Freda Lewis-Hall.
• Pfizer sets goals for diverse and small business spend and we have a Corporate Policy and Procedure that supports our diverse supplier objectives.
• When appropriate, we obtain a contractual commitment from our non-diverse suppliers to spend a specified minimum percentage of their subcontracted work with certified diverse suppliers. We measure their performance to this commitment via service level agreements.