WBENC certification is the most widely recognized and respected national certification in the U.S. for Women’s Business Enterprises (WBEs).

Being certified as a woman-owned diverse supplier can open up opportunities previously inaccessible to your business.

In fact, the vast majority of Fortune 1000 corporations in the U.S. require WBENC certification before granting woman-owned businesses access to their supplier diversity programs. Being certified brings your business to corporate America’s attention.

WBEC Metro NY & Greater DMV, as a regional partner organization of WBENC, facilitates the certification process. Once you’re certified, WBEC Metro NY & Greater DMV works to ensure that your business reaps the benefits.


Is my business eligible for certification?

WBENC places strict requirements on proving that a business is woman-owned and managed before granting certification. The primary criteria for a business applying for WBENC certification concern whether the business has majority female ownership (at least 51% by one or more women) and is managed by women. Further, women must have unrestricted control of the business, and the highest defined title in the company’s legal documents must be held by a woman.

To see if your business qualifies, review the full certification criteria:

Certification Criteria

Through our offices in New York and Washington, D.C., WBEC Metro NY & Greater DMV provides WBENC certification in the following locations:


  • New York
  • Northern and Central New Jersey (through Trenton)
  • Southern Connecticut (through New Haven)

WBEC Greater DMV

  • Washington, D.C.
  • Maryland
  • Virginia
“There quickly comes a time when you need to shift your focus from working in the business to working on the business. The quicker you recognize this will place you in a better position to begin thinking strategically about where you want to take your business and how the resources and relationships you build will help sustain you along your journey.”
Jennifer D. Collins, President & CEO JDC Events - Silver Spring, MD
“As a leader in this network, it is important that I lead by example. I’ve had wonderful experiences partnering with other women-owned firms and look forward to bigger and better opportunities in the future.”
Avis Yates Rivers, CEO Technology Concepts Group International, LLC. - Somerset, NJ
“WBENC connects us with other woman-owned businesses that we can partner with and mentor for the success of our customers – and for each other.”
Jayne Millard, Chairman & Co-CEO Turtle & Hughes, Inc. - Linden, NJ