Benefits of Certification

“Our status as a certified WBE gives our company access to supplier diversity departments, and if we have already won the work on merit, they champion us within their organization.”
Vigdis Eriksen, Founder & CEO Eriksen Translations Inc. - Brooklyn, NY
"Being WBENC-Certified has given my business an enormous boost. For example, when my brand first got into Kroger, being certified allowed me to avoid $40,000 in slotting fees (the cost of getting on-shelf). Then when we couldn’t get a meeting with our buyer, the Kroger Supplier Diversity contact, whom I had met at your event in Baltimore, helped me get the meeting and attended it with us! Being certified continues to open the doors I’ve been banging on for years!"
Nancy Kalish, Founder & CEO Rule Breaker Snacks - Brooklyn, NY
"The WBE to WBE networking and relationships cultivated during the WPEO programs have been invaluable to the growth of our business.”
Krista Korinis, President Global Installation Resources, LLC - Clifton, NJ



WBENC certification gives you access to a national database of top corporations with supplier diversity programs for sourcing certified WBEs. You also gain access to formal and informal opportunities to pursue business deals with Corporate Members and other WBEs through:

  • Inclusion in WBENCLink, WBENC’s online database of certified WBEs, which is accessed by our Corporate Members and other WBEs nationwide
  • Events tailored for networking with the decision makers inside corporations and other WBEs



The ongoing development and advancement of women-owned businesses is a core mission of WBEC Metro NY & Greater DMV. As an active and vital advocate, WBEC Metro NY & Greater DMV provides certified WBEs with a variety of educational opportunities, including webinars, exclusive web content, and monthly educational and business development programs. Our members also have the opportunity to participate in WBENC’s Executive Scholarship program to learn at top business schools such as Harvard, Berkeley and Kellogg, as well as the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.

For more information on WBENC Executive Scholarships:

Dorothy B. Brothers Executive Scholarship Program

The Tuck-WBENC Executive Program

WBENC Energy Executive Program

Robert Half Accelerated Leadership Development


Business Development

Business development is a primary advantage of WBENC certification, and in the experience of hundreds of WBEC Metro NY & Greater DMV members, this bottom-line benefit can be realized in a variety of ways—depending on your active participation.

In addition to gaining access to Fortune 1000 corporations seeking to do business with certified WBEs, becoming part of our vibrant WBEC Metro NY & Greater DMV regional organizations presents numerous opportunities to network and build relationships with corporate and government buyers as well as a supportive network of fellow WBEs.

Ready to apply? Certification



WBENC certification is the most widely recognized third-party U.S. certification that a woman-owned business can obtain. It signifies to thousands of major corporations as well as some government entities nationwide that your business is not only woman-owned, operated and controlled, but also that you possess the dedication and drive it takes to be an active certified WBE. Certified WBEs are eligible for regional awards.


Promotion & Publicity

Becoming a certified WBE is a prestigious achievement, one that comes with a variety of privileges designed to raise your business’s profile and position you for success. These include:

  • Use of the official WBENC Certified seal and WBENC press release template
  • Opportunities to promote your business through sponsorship of national WBENC and regional WBEC Metro NY & Greater DMV events
  • Participation in WBEC Metro NY & Greater DMV committees such as the Certification Committee, Steering Committee and Awards Committee
  • Publicize your Done Deals™ with Corporate Members, other WBEs and the public sector



WBEC Metro NY & Greater DMV is at the forefront of ongoing developments related to the equality of women in business in the U.S., and as a certified WBE, you have a voice.

WBEC Metro NY & Greater DMV WBEs are included in this research through participation in surveys, which allow you to report on your experiences and share your opinions about the issues on the national stage.