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Visit the AARP Supplier Diversity website for more information.

Top tips for doing business with AARP
  • We encourage diverse vendors to sign up for our portal. Our external facing program website includes a supplier diversity portal asking all visitors to sign up. The information we ask for is simple and the process is not cumbersome.
  • We will use the data from our portal to build out a list of firms who have expressed interest in working with us.
  • As we travel the country and meet diverse business heads that are interested in working with us, they will be encouraged to sign up through the portal as well.
  • Please make sure that your information and certifications are current. We are constantly on the lookout for innovative companies.
Did you know?
  • AARP recognizes that small and diverse businesses are major sources of job creation and economic growth.
  • To help these enterprises and entrepreneurs maintain financial stability and grow faster, AARP offers accelerated payment terms with a target of 15 days from receipt of invoice.
  • This element of our program is designed to improve cash flow and working capital, and fuel further investment and hiring.
Currently Purchasing
  • Paper, print and postage
  • Media and advertising
  • Professional services, including consulting and research services, and IT-related products and services
  • General supplies and operations
  • Real estate and facilities
  • Travel and events
  • HR-related services, including training and development

Mark Reed, Chief Procurement Officer, AARP

“I am extremely proud to work for an organization that values inclusion and diversity,” said Mark Reed, Chief Procurement Officer, AARP. “That commitment extends from our membership, to our workforce, and through our supply base. And within the supply base, the footprint of our small and diverse partners covers the entirety of our spend. They are not just present in more traditional, lower margin segments, but in areas such as investment management and marketing services. Our commitment is universal, highly visible and a part of AARP’s culture. It is who we are and how we engage.

While the percentage of our spend and number of small and diverse suppliers we work with each year places AARP in a leadership position, most of our community engagement has been localized. I am so pleased to have had Kimberly Marcus join our team last year to provide dedicated leadership for our program, and to help ensure that AARP also becomes a leader in the broader national conversation and movement around diversity and inclusion. Please look for us at leading national events and conferences, and consider reaching out to Kimberly so that she can help you connect with our business unit leaders. We have a presence in all 50 states!”

Additional Information

AARP relies on our supply partners for the needed goods and services necessary for us to be effective, impactful and successful in the pursuit of our enterprise goals and objectives.  As a social mission organization focused on improving all of the lives of the 50+ and their families in America, it is extremely important to AARP that our supply base reflect all of America.

As the demographics of our country evolve and become increasingly diverse, we also rely on our supply partners to help inform the services and solutions we provide to our members, and the way we advocate for positive social change. It is important to AARP that we have broad and diverse perspectives embedded in our supply chain, which serve as key sources of innovation and insights.

Contact Information

Visit the AARP Supplier Diversity website for more information.