Month: April 2019
The Value of Investing in Female Founders

By Falon Fatemi, Forbes The data is all too real and familiar. When it comes to raising capital, males consistently outperform females. According to research by All Raise, only 15% of venture capital funding is allocated to female founders. What’s more troubling,

Black Female Founders Face Constant Rejection. They’re Thriving Anyway.

By Monique Greenwood, Entrepreneur Most women under the age of, say, 45 dread a particular time of the month. (Fellas, stay with me.) So, Arion Long, an African American millennial out of the Washington, D.C., area, came up with the

New York City Is Opening Doors With $35 Million For Women Entrepreneurs And Makers

By Geri Stengel, ForbesWomen Between 1972 — the first year the Census Bureau began tracking the gender of business owners — and 2018, women-owned businesses have grown from representing 5% of all business to 40%, according to American Express 2018 State